Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are the Pokémon genned through here legal?

A: All Pokémon generated by Pokéfella go through legality check. When these are not technically legal, they can't go through Link Trade and cannot be received by the customer. In essence, all Pokémon received through online trade such as Link Trade and GTS passed the Pokémon game system's round of legality check. Otherwise, you will know during trading that an illegal Pokémon didn't make it when your screen says "There is a problem with your trading partner's Pokémon."

Q: Will I get banned for using your services?

A: Getting banned is for those who own technically illegal Pokémon. By illegal, it means having a shiny variant of a Pokémon that is still shiny-locked (e.g. shiny Zacian, shiny Zamazenta, shiny Eternatus, among others), a Pokémon with impossible moves (e.g. Charizard that knows Hydro Pump), impossible Gmax mons, God Egg, or bad eggs. Pokefella does not offer such services. Our genners stick to within the legal bounds of any Pokemon stat and build. In the event that customers accidentally requested for a Pokemon with illegal build because of lack of knowledge, or deliberately asked for an illegal Pokemon to for personal collection, our genners will be quick to remind them for the risks and consequences of owning such mons.

Update: It is reported that mons nicknamed with URL are prone to banning. However, there were never any reports from our customers who received a Pokemon from our shop with OT that they were banned. Moreover, it has been tried and tested that, as an OT for our Pokefella Build option for pre-made, battle-ready mons across our shop, is not blacklisted for the banning. However, to erase away doubts and fears, if you chose to get the Pokefella Build from our listing, the mons' OT will be Pokefella instead of the one. We are still updating each and every photo in the listing that contains such OT information. We still highly encourage our customers to choose for their own custom mon with their own OT, instead of the pre-made Pokefella Build mons.

Q: I have just placed an order. How and when do I receive my Pokémon?

A: You will receive your Pokémon through Link Trade (if manual delivery) or through Pokémon Home, depending on your order. If you followed the Trade Guide carefully this should not be a problem. Pokefella aims to deliver the order within 24 hours, provided the buyer has done its part on the communicating part. Many times, the orders are delivered within 10-15 minutes.

Q: How many genners are there in this shop?

A: Pokéfella orders are currently handled by two genners working in shifts to ensure that orders are delivered in the soonest time possible, even in just a few minutes after you have placed your order. Either you get Genner Zhi or Shiny Char as your genner.

Q: Where shall the buyers contact Pokéfella's admin?

A: The best platform to contact Pokéfella is through Facebook Messenger so you and the genner can chat in real-time. It is discouraged that buyer relies solely on e-mail for communication as e-mails can sometimes get unreliable (e.g. our notification email going straight to your spam group). You may not get instant personal customer support replies if none of the Pokéfella genners is online (though you may get automatic replies in Facebook Messenger.) 

We only contact our customers through the two means mentioned above. Hence, if you have been contacted by a genner other than those mediums, best believe they are not from Pokefella and are impostors. We have heard reports that some genners are riding on the popularity of Pokefella and disguising as a Pokefella genner.

Q: I haven't received my order. Why is that so?

A: There are a few times when customers, after placing the order, think the Pokémon will arrive in their doorstep because of the shipping address they provided upon checkout. Failure to understand how this trading goes and failure to communicate are the main reasons why customers are not able to receive their orders. 

Please make sure that your emails allow messages outside your usual contacts. We sometimes receive email replies that says our messages are blocked to arrive on the customer's end. If you think your email provider has this strict policy, please also add your mobile phone number upon checkout. 

Q: My orders didn't come after quite a long time. Do you send refunds?

A: Unfortunately refunds are done only if there was a mistake in placing an order and that you want it replaced with another. When orders have been fulfilled they were already spent with the genner's time and effort in genning your request. Our Refund/Return Policy does not cover non-delivery due to buyer's lack of time or communication for scheduled trading. We can however still deliver your order even if a long time has passed. Also, while Pokéfella does not do such refunds, we do however offer compensation by way of freebies for the delays that are apparently on our end.

Q: I received the wrong Pokémon. How do I get them replaced?

A: Please refer to our Return Policy.

Q: I don't have the capacity to pay for the services, do you offer free Pokemon?

A: Pokefella runs a Facebook Group called The Pokemon Sanctuary. In this group we do giveaways on the regular and rewards members in many ways. We also hold other ways to earn free shiny, battle-ready Pokémon. This is our way of extending our gratitude for the support of our loyal customers and members.